101 Things to do when you Survive

101 Things to do when you Survive

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Greig Trout is a double cancer survivor and the founder of 101 Things To Do When You Survive, a website and initiative designed to spread hope and inspire those going through physical or mental illness.

His first experience with cancer came as a 7 year old, after being diagnosed with a stage 4 Wilms tumour. In later life he was diagnosed with DVT and then Dukes B bowel cancer at age 30.

After surviving cancer as an adult and with one kidney, half a bowel, deep vein thrombosis and the lingering effects of PTSD, Greig decided to follow a lifelong dream to travel the world. He developed 101 Things to Do When You Survive as a way of helping those struggling with ill health to feel excited about the future instead of fearing it. For two years Greig travelled through 23 countries; volunteering, raising money and awareness for various organisations, and ticking things off his 'anti- bucket list', from trekking in Patagonia to singing on stage at the Sydney Opera House.

Greig is now an inspirational speaker, spreading hope to people all over the world.

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