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MRCS Part A Exam Prep

MRCS Part A Exam Prep

 Instant-access eLearning module


Here at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons we support surgeons throughout each stage of their career stage with education, exams, awards and scholarships. 

The award of the Diploma of Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons, or MRCS, is an internationally recognised qualification which is run by the four Surgical Royal Colleges in the UK and Ireland.   

Award of the MRCS exam indicates that you have the knowledge, understanding, experience and clinical competence required for the completion of core surgical training and is a pre-requisite for progression to speciality training.   

On successful completion of the MRCS, you will be eligible for election as a Member of the College. In joining us at RCPSG, you will be part of a growing membership committed to ensuring high standards of surgical practice through assessment and continuing professional development.  

The objective of this course is to help and guide junior doctors/surgeons studying MRCS A by: 

- providing guidance on the format of the exam;

- providing a broad understanding of the major topics in the syllabus through video lecture and knowledge checks; and

- providing a platform to allow discussion and questions  

This digital learning resource consists of a combination of supporting materials and a number of video lectures delivered by a topic specialist to help you prepare for the MRCS Part A Examination. There are 13 different lectures (click here to the programme for topics), providing almost 12 hours of content.  In addition, there are some knowledge checks and activities included, which are not graded, but will give you a chance to check your knowledge.



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