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President's Webinar - Climate change and sustainability: Recording

President's Webinar - Climate change and sustainability: Recording

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This package contains recordings from the President's webinar held on 04 October 2023. Following the success of the 2020 and 2021 Climate Change and Health Webinars, the Climate change and sustainability webinar will give practical hints and tips on how to design and deliver more environmentally sustainable healthcare.

The webinar will also provide an opportunity to hear more about what the College is doing to tackle the climate emergency, and the winner of our Trainee Sustainable Healthcare Competition and last years winner. The programme features high profile speakers, all experts in their field, who will give us an update on:
  • The development of a framework for eco-directed sustainable prescribing
  • The principles of sustainable healthcare, and examples of quality improvement (QI) tools that can be used to support sustainable change
  • How to have meaningful conversations about climate change with patients and colleagues




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