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Difficult Discussions at 3am

Difficult Discussions at 3am

 Instant-access eLearning module


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Difficult Discussions at 3am is a digital learning package exploring some of the challenging professional issues facing hospital clinicians in modern medicine, particularly around death, dying and uncertainty.

The package is free to access and is aimed at all healthcare professionals. 

Module 1: Ethics and the law, and where this fits with national policy

Module one looks in more detail at the high-level national policies and laws in this area.

We start with a case presentation, discussing a scenario many of us may have sadly encountered before, which highlights on a personal and professional level just how important these issues are.

We then review the relevant national policies and the legal background here “ with clinical and legal approaches presented, as well as an overview of Realistic Medicine, which is clearly relevant here.

Module duration: 70 minutes.

Module 2: Practical and clinical approaches

This module aims to introduce some very practical aspects that will hopefully be of use when applying the detail of the policies and laws.

This includes practical advice about how to have these conversations; how we go about making these decisions; how we can look after each other when handling these challenges; and how we can learn from them.

We then present a variety of clinical tools and approaches that have been developed and rolled out to help clinicians, patients, and families deal with these issues.

Module duration: 130 minutes.



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