MRCP(UK) PACES 2020 Cardiology and Neurology Module

MRCP(UK) PACES 2020 Cardiology and Neurology Module

 Instant-access eLearning module


Please note that this module is for preparing for the new format of PACES Exam.

This module is part of four modules designed to complement your technical revision and contains guidance on the format of the exam, setting out the focus of each station and the timing allowed to give you a clear indication of how you might approach the exam on the day including Top Tips from the examiners.

For those who have already reviewed the existing PACES format, there is clear information on the changes introduced in the new PACES 2020 approach and an explanation of the reasons for these changes.

This module focuses on the Cardiology and Neurology Examinations and will include the following content for both specialities:

  • Video of the calibration and run-through of the encounter between the two examiners and the patient or surrogate for the examination
  • Video of a candidate completing a satisfactory examination encounter
  • Video of the examiner questioning the candidate during the encounter
  • 'How to' video which provides instructions for and demonstration of a physical examination

In addition, the will be a 'How to' video on diagnosing Parkinson's disease.

MRCP(UK) PACES 2020 Online Preparation Package

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