The blood-borne virus (BBV) infected dentist: Where are we?

The blood-borne virus (BBV) infected dentist: Where are we?

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This module 'The blood-borne virus (BBV) - infected dentist: where are we?' is presented by: Professor Jeremy Bagg


HIV; hepatitis B; hepatitis C; exposure prone procedures; anti-viral drugs


After this module delegates will:

  1. Be familiar with the current UK guidance affecting BBV-infected dentists and restrictions on performance of EPPs.
  2. Understand how knowledge of epidemiology gained from Patient Notification Exercises and the developments in antiviral drug discovery have positively impacted and permitted amendments to policy.
  3. Understand the requirement for appropriate infrastructure to support the new guidance.
  4. Be familiar with the recently updated categorisation of exposure-prone procedures in dentistry.

Future webinars will include:

  • Sports Related Dental Trauma
  • Traumatic dental injuries: Fractures
  • Traumatic dental injuries: Displacements


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