TC White dental webinar: The essential guide to mouth cancer

 16/03/2023 18:00    


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This webinar will provide an update on the prevention, detection and referral of mouth cancer.

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18:00 - 19:00 GMT

Unfortunately, despite increasing awareness of mouth cancer in recent years, 65% of patients developing this condition are still not diagnosed until the tumor has progressed to advanced Stage 4. Late presentation contributes directly to the poor overall 5-year survival of only 50%.

This one hour webinar will cover a core GDC CPD topic, where Michael Lewis, Emeritus Professor of Oral Medicine at Cardiff University, will provide an update on the prevention, detection and referral of mouth cancer. The material will be presented in an interactive format and include a self-assessed clinical case quiz related to mouth cancer recognition.

Aims of the webinar:

This webinar will present contemporary information on mouth cancer relevant to primary dental care, specifically:

  • The increasing incidence and poor 5-year survival
  • Risk factors and the opportunity for their prevention
  • Importance of detection of mucosal changes that suggest the presence of cancer at an early stage
  • Appropriate referral of suspected cancer to secondary care

Intended learning outcomes:

This webinar will present material that will provide an improved understanding of the following aspects of mouth cancer:

  • Clinical signs and symptoms of cancer and potentially malignant mucosal disorders
  • Risk factors and the role of brief interventions in dental primary care
  • The use of the recommendations related to mouth cancer in the updated UK Delivering Better Oral Health documentation
  • The criteria for Urgent Suspected Cancer (USC) referral

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